Monday, November 1, 2010

Back in Business

Happy Monday and November to all! I trust everyone had a nice weekend, our Florida/Georgia festivities were amazing and so insanely busy that I did not snap one picture the entire day- so imagine, lots of food, drinks, and TONS of people! Per usual, scheming for next year is already in the works.

Despite 9 hours of sleep Saturday night I was dragging yesterday, I skipped the weights, laid low, and got in bed early last night. This morning I almost turned off the alarm clock when it started blasting at 5am, and then I remembered I had to get my butt out of bed because I had a hot date!

8 days post marathon, and I was finally allowed to go for a run. I was really nervous about having had taken a week off, and while I did some moving last week, I would still consider my level of physical activity last week to be sloth-like. Due to some initial differences in opinion between my coach and I, this first week back tends to have a range for all my runs rather than a specific number. Today said 4-6 SUPER EASY, literally just like that. Well I met the large PRS group downtown this morning to run the bridges, especially since the bridges + wind kicked my ass during the marathon, I am going to make sure I own these babies come time for my next race.

I was a little timid starting out, I didn't really know how my legs were going to feel, or if they would even remember what to do. I tucked in with a couple girls who seemed to be about my same pace, and some faster ones I knew who were taking it easy today since they raced yesterday. Within the first half mile I was shocked I had fallen right back into my normal 9:40 pace, was moving, breathing, and feeling fine! Last week my right knee acted up off and on so I was also nervous that I would get halfway through and the pain would flare-up again, but it felt good the whole time.

I ended up running with just 1 girl the entire way. She is training for her first half in 3 years and is actually doing the same race I am in 3 weeks so we immediately had tons to talk about. I was SO happy to have someone to chat with as I was running up the monster bridge, and since she said she was doing 4 miles today, I decided that I would just stick to 4, which made my coach very happy.

4.14- 39:46, 9:36 average pace
Mile 1-  9:57
Mile 2-  9:26
Mile 3-  10:07
Mile 4-  9:49
.14-  1:27

I started feeling great during mile 2 and wanted to pick it up, but since I had started talking to this one girl I stuck with her, probably smart too because I have several more plans for this week, so I'll take it for my first day back.

Since today is November 1st, I did a look back at my month of October: mileage was very low for me: 109.3 miles total for the month of October, but considering that October included my taper and 1 week rest post-race, that actually still seems pretty good, if I had those 2 weeks back it would have been my highest month total yet.

October's Highlights obviously include my half marathon PR, meeting a new friend, and My First Marathon! I am really excited about all the things I have going on this month too, so there should be lots of fun race recaps to look out for :)


  1. yay first run back! and yay for a great month of october. here's to good things for this month :)

  2. You're too sweet! Thanks for the shout out and link! :)

    Great job today! Your body needed the week off and will thank you this week with some good runs! :) I'm jealous that you have some bridges to train on.

  3. Just found your blog and I just love it! It feels good to get back into running and good for you to take some time off!!

  4. I am definitely looking forward to the recaps :)

    Hope you had a splendid Halloween :)