Thursday, September 16, 2010

Track on the Treadmill

So I guess today is Thursday, and thakfully so, I am in much need of this weekend.

Yesterday I was supposed to get up and hit the track for my speed workout, well due to some craziness and unexpected things I needed to attend to, I ended up not running in the morning, being detered after work and having to get my intervals in on the treadmill.

For no other reason than I was running tight on time, I had to drop the workout from 7 miles to 5 and swap that 7 to today's run, not ideal for a Thursday. Since I was cutting mileage I also had to cut two 400s out of the plan, so the final product ended up looking like this:

1/2 mile warm up, 1600, 4x400, 1600 (400RI after each)
My goal for the 1600s was 7:55, and 1:51, 1:50, 1:49, 1:48 for the 400s, getting 1 second faster with each.

1600 - 7:53
4x400s - 1:51, 1:48, 1:49, 1:47
1600-  7:52

5 Miles Total - 41:53 (seeing this makes me feel so fast, I wish I could run a straight 5 miles that fast)

This workout felw by, and while it was challenging, I never felt exhausted or defeated with it, I think because I was really running on adreneline, I always get that feeling when my running plans have be changed/altered/ amost didn't happen, and it makes me just soar through the run.

I was SUPER pleased with how this went, I thought it would be tough since I haven't executed some serious intervals in 2 weeks, but it was good. I could really feel the extra push in my abs from running so quick, but it was good, I am already looking forward to next weeks:)

Due to again all said craziness, I will have to run after work tonight. I just have 7 miles easy on deck, and a rest day tomorrow. I am toying with running outside vs at the gym tonight in anticipation of delays again tonight and weather, or more specifically...sun. I am not thrilled about 2 gym days in a row, but at least there would be football on to majorly distract me, and I feel like I could/would get a better quality run in rather than in the late afternoon sun. 

What do we think Inside or Outside tonight???


  1. As long as it's safe.. I say OUTSIDE OUTSIDE OUTSIDE!! :)

  2. i'd want to go outside but because i love the fresh air.

    great track workout. it's always a great sign when you don't feel defeated after a workout ;)