Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Opinions Needed

So I'm back, I trust everyone had a nice weekend. I woke up Sunday feeling pretty much normal despite my long run on Saturday, and John and I even went and did a 4.5 mile walk up at Little Talbot Island. I definitely feel like I needed more sleep, which I made sure I got plenty of last night.

Monday I woke up with some strange tightness in my left calf/shin. It was super tight, and it hurt to touch, like really hurt, umm not cool! I honestly kept looking for a bruise that should have been there, but there wasn't one. With no idea what this was, and the fact that it didn't like to even stand, I called it a rest day, stretched, iced, you get the picture.

This morning I woke up with the goal of making up yesterday's missed tempo, but after my warm-up when I tried to increase my pace, the same spot on my left shin/calf started to hurt, so I backed off a bit. I told myself I would rather run the 8 miles a little slower than only be able to do 4 fast ones. So I slowed it down a bit and actually ending up feeling fine by the end, I think it was just something that needed to be worked out.

8 Miles- 1:15:13, 9:24 pace
Mile 1-  9:47
Mile 2-  9:36
Mile 3-  8:57
Mile 4-  9:14
Mile 5-  9:26
Mile 6-  9:17
Mile 7-  9:22
Mile 8-  9:34

In other news, I am looking for some opinions! Normally I have plenty to go around, but on this sensitive subject, all opinions are appreciated :)  Race Day Attire.

So let me start by saying that I am without a doubt the sweatiest female on the face of the planet, seriously...I soak through a dry-fit sports bra and shorts after just 8 miles. I am not talking about, "Oh there is some sweat on my clothes" type sweaty, like "Hi, I can ring out my shorts after just 8 miles and refil my entire waterbottle with the sweat from my shorts alone." It is a quite unfortunate problem to have, and it is really really disgusting. As you can guess, if I am that gross after 8 miles, I am like a fountain splashing sweat everywhere when we get up over the 15 mile mark, and it pretty much makes the idea of clothes annoying.

Although we are seeing small traces of this thing called fall, it is really no where in the neighborhood, so I am not at all banking on nice weather for my marathon. I have tried 2 different outfits for my long runs, and each have their pros and cons, and at this point I Honestly cannot decided which is the lesser of 2 evils. I want to do my last 2 long runs in what I plan to race in, so I can be used to it, so that is where the opinions come in.

I know there are very few people who actually sweat this much, but imagine the sweatiest you have ever been, then have someone dump a bucket of water over your head and think about what you would like to run in at that point:

Option 1:   Nike Pro Sports Bra + Nike Road Race Shorts

So this is my favorite outfit, and in some variation through the summer this is what I have run in every day.

Pro:  There is the benefit of just wearing a sports bra and not having to worry about sweating through a shirt within 10 minutes (which I easily do).
Con:   These shorts(or any non-spandex shorts) will be completey saturated by the 12 mile mark, maybe 15 if it is actually less than 70 degrees still. Once these shorts are soaked, they start sticking to my legs like wet paper towels which if you have never experienced is Very annoying! These are the shortest "loose fit" shorts I have, so they don't stick as bad as my tempos, but they still stick just fine. This has not caused any chaffing, so that is why I feel ok about this choice, but I wore these for my 22M this weekend, and the random suctioning to my leg was a little annoying.

Option 2:   Nike Pro Core Sleeveless Top + Nike Pro Shorts

This outfit was what I had originally thought I would run in, but with 80* temps still lingering, I'm not sure I can take it for 26.2 miles.

Pros: The shorts are stuck to you from the minute you put them on, so you don't have to worry about random sweaty shorts suctioning themselved to you at any given point during the last 10 miles. No chafing, no moving, these things stay put.

Cons: I do not have the rock hard physique of Kara Goucher, nor the confidence to wear teeny tiny spandex with just a sports bra in front of hundreds of strangers for 4 hours, so this option does require an actual shirt. The shirt being the problem. It will be completely drenched within 7-8 miles (and this is being conservative) and then it will be suctioned to me for the rest of the race. Being that I do sweat so much, I am pretty much used to that, but anytime you move the shirt, it peels off of you, and then re-suctions. While this shirt actually does a really good job of styaing put, I am afraid that every time I reach for a gu it will come un-suctioned and again be annoying. Not to mention, a super soaked shirt is more likely to cause under-arm chafing than a pair of shorts.

So I leave you with my conflict, what do you think will be the lesser of 2 evils???


  1. i'd go with the first outfit. when i get all sweaty i HATE having shirts cling to my stomach. no matter what the shirt is i always seem to get that cling. and shirt cling is more annoying to me than short cling. ideally i'd say wear #1's top and #2's bottom but you kind of hinted that it wasn't an option because you don't want to be scantly clad running a marathon. go figure ;)

  2. I'm having the same debate. I'm leaning towards the sports bra with the spandex. I love the spandex in this weather b/c they are already stuck to you ... much better than tempo shorts. I wear this a lot in my early morning runs, but it's dark. It's not very flattering in my opinion but it feels amazing. Oh the choices. I'll probably lean with option one for me.

  3. I say tiny, spandex booty shorts and a sports bra. Your body rocks, my friend.