Friday, September 24, 2010

Epic 16

Another long run down and only 3 more to go before the race. I think this long run was without a doubt the best one I have ever had! It was 16 miles of flawless perfection, it is actually a shame that this was not the race because I think I could have done some pretty epic things- hopefully whatever was going on returns on race day.

After many ridiculous fueling episodes that have taken place over the past few runs, I decided I needed to really isolate what was working and what wasn't. I decided I would drink no Gatorade while running and see if that has been the problem or if it has been the gu. I also used some old clif shot blocks I had laying around and they worked great, I may go back to more solid fuel like gu chomps or sport beans, these seem to work the best for me for whatever reason.
End Result: Mixing gu and Gatorade = disastrous. The gu on its own sat ok in my stomach, it gave me a cramp once or twice as it was being absorbed/digested, but I think I just took it too fast. I feel a lot better knowing I have resolved most of my fueling issues. I took my shot blocks at mile 6 and a gu at mile 11, that seemed to be the perfect timing too, so I think that is what I will continue to play off of.

So the run: I had 16 miles to do, and I wanted 12 at goal pace (9:30 or less) and I was hoping to get an insight as to how that felt so I could nail down a race plan for my half next weekend. The run went Flawlessly- literally, I would not change one thing, and ended with 14 miles at/under goal pace.

I did the first 2 miles easy before picking it up to goal pace. Despite a super hard track workout on Wednesday, my legs felt fresh and ready to go, they actually fell easier into my goal pace than the first 2 slower miles. I hadn't planned to pick it up much during my goal miles, I figured 9:20-9:30 max, but I kept wanting to do more and more, I kept it conservative though as to really see how well or long I could hold it.

The first11 Miles flew by with not a stop for anything, I fueled while running, and found I didn't use much water, so with no refill needed  I just kept going, my legs felt waaay too good to break my stride. Finally at mile 11, I stopped to grab a 2nd gu and more water. I was surprisingly also not as sweaty during those first 11 miles as I normally would be- fall perhaps?

I was SO ready to get back out for the last 5 miles after a great first 11, and to only have 5 miles left to do seemed like cake, especially after insanely long runs the last 2 weekends. The last 5 fell right back into the rhythm I had originally, and I finished, quick and strong, making sure I sped up a little for the last mile.

16 Miles- 2:30:31, 9:24 pace
Mile 1-  9:50
Mile 2-  9:48
Mile 3-  9:28
Mile 4-  9:23
Mile 5-  9:20
Mile 6-  9:18
Mile 7-  9:19
Mile 8-  9:26
Mile 9-  9:21
Mile 10-  9:17
Mile 11-  9:19
Mile 12-  9:30
Mile 13-  9:20
Mile 14-  9:22
Mile 15-  9:17
Mile 16-  9:13

It was such an amazing feeling to see under goal pace just rolling in with little thought behind it, I am feeling ready for this marathon finally, and with just 29 days to go!  Another football filled weekend on deck here, but I have another epic (hopefully) run planned as well! Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. Great job! That's an awesome run!! One more long run and then taper time!! :) Enjoy your weekend, you deserve it.

    My stomach doesn't mix gatorade and gu very well, either!

  2. i can't believe how fast training cycles go. it's definitely a good sign that you feel marathon ready!

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!! That was an epic-ly fantabulous run!!! Congrats chica! Now burn that feeling into your memory bank and dial it up during Chi-town.

  4. Never had the gatorade and GU combo but it sounds potentially rough :)

    You are ready.. thats great! Congrats on another amazing run :)

    Have a good weekend.. ride that running high out til Monday morning !! :D