Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday - New Goals

Before we get to the fun stuff, lets start with the morning run! Today I had 5 easy miles on the schedule, that seemed so small to me, considering I had only seen a few 6s recently and mostly 7+. I decided when looking at my training plan that the last few weeks would probably be the hardest and most exhausting, so I set it up to have either longer runs or shorter runs, not all medium length runs like I had been having. So they will typically be in the 8-11 range or 5-6 from here on out, I think it breaks it up nicely not to have a big number to tackle every day.

My legs felt tired when I first started out, but seemed to be running just fine. I was really excited that the weather people told me it was 74* when I was walking out the door to run, but they lied, it was definitely still at least 79* with 80% humidity- oh well, better than where we were, and I will take that.

5 Miles - 47:00, 9:24 pace
Mile 1-  9:29
Mile 2-  9:31
Mile 3-  9:31
Mile 4-  9:16
Mile 5-  9:13

I started this run by ignoring my Garmin, and I waited until 2 miles to check it. I wanted to run what my body felt was easy, and then try to stay really even and consistent in the last 3 miles. I was suprised I had been running at my race pace so comfortably for the first 2 miles, so I worked on keeping my times even and making it a nice easy run. It worked great during mile 3 (the hills kept me honest) but I just kept speeding up during the last 2. A couple times I tried to back it off a bit, since I wanted to keep this run easy, but it never dropped my pace more than a second or two, I guess my legs were just up for it, so I let them do their own thing. A quicker than expected easy run has certainly put me in a good mood today, and leaves me excited for my track workout tomrrow.

So as I mentioned yesterday I have been doing some goal searching, and I have started to get in a little over my head! I have so many things I want to accomplish, but I managed to pick what I think are the 10 best, and most immediate goals. Thinking about it, this was supposed to be an update to my 2010 goals, but my brain just kept thinking, so I already have a pretty hefty list started for 2011;) Big Surprise!
Some of these are obvious, but some really got me thinking about what I want to do, so here they are:

1.  Complete my first Marathon (with a smile on my face preferably, and still standing)
2.  Complete a sub-2:00 half marathon
3.  Beat my sub 2:00 half marathon time:) (remember I am doing 4 half's this fall)
4.  Race 5k in under 25:00 (current PR 25:59)
5.  Get down to my goal race weight (8 lbs)
6.  Finish a marathon in under 4:15:00
7.  Run 1,500 miles in 2010
8.  Improve my speed over longer distances

9.  Win my age group again before I get bumped up to the really huge and really fast (F25-29)
10. Complete 3 Marathons before my 25th Birthday
These are all pretty ambitious which I think is good. I felt my original plan for the year was a bit weak and a little vague because I was too afraid to be specific for fear of not completing something, so here they are, risky and scary, and possibly a stretch, but I am super excited!

What are some of your goals for the rest of this year?


  1. good call ignoring the garmin initially on the run. letting your body get into the swing of it naturally is probably best. something i could learn from!

    my goals for the rest of the year? hmmmmmmm do some serious damage to my 5k and 10k prs. hopefully that'll happen. and maybe come up with the funds to travel to disney and run the marathon in january. i'm seriously bummed that new england doesn't do winter races!

  2. Wow girl! You've got a lot on your plate for the rest of the year! I can't wait to see you smash them all!

  3. Great goals! I can wait to witness #1.

  4. Those are really good goals; they will challenge you but they aren't too far fetched that you will be down if you can't achieve them.. but honestly, reading about your training and all that you do on a daily basis, I really think you'll be able to achieve them all.

    My goals are on my own blog, and you've already read them :)

    Good post! I love reading other bloggers' goals.

  5. haha, great goals! i guess i'd like to run a PR 10k. hopefully i'll be ready in time for the turkey trot!