Thursday, September 2, 2010

Double Wednesday

So I got home last night bursting with energy and dying to run, so I did! My legs felt great despite a solid tempo effort 12 hours earlier, and I decided since it would really be my only chance this week, I wanted to try to get in my missed track workout, or at least part of it.

I didn't want to do a ton of miles, and I didn't want to go run on the treadmill, so I actually attempted my first ever track workout on the road, albeit a pretty straight road, but still something totally strange for me.

I programmed my workout into my Garmin, with a short 1/2 mile warm up and cool-down and would 4x400 with 400 recovery. This week had originally called for 10x400, but with all my schedule mishaps it got lost in there somewhere. So When the siren went off on Garmie that my first interval was about to start I just started to haul ass. At the end of each interval I literally died, but I started so fast each time that it really didn't matter.

3 Miles- 26:01, 8:40 average pace
4x400 with 400 RI
1:32 (6:11)
1:44 (6:57)
1:39 (6:39)
1:44 (6:58)

These were without a doubt the fastest 400s I have ever run. Though, I normally do 6-10 rather than just 4, and I also normally make my recovery my goal marathon pace rather than 15-20 seconds slower, but I was floored by those times. I always shoot for low 7:00s when doing 400s, but I suppose after my 1 mile performace I should have know I could push harder, and I guess it just took a random mini "track workout" to see that. Track workouts are becoming less and less frequent as I am hoping to get in a tempo and progression run at goal pace each week until the race, so I guess a few random intervals will start becoming more the norm.

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  1. great 400s! it's soooo cool that you did a random interval workout and way cool that it'll become the norm :)