Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 2010 Recap

Welcome to the last day of September, I can't believe how fast the last few months have flown by! I have quite a lot lined up for the month of October, I feel like it is the month I have been waiting for almost all year!

To Recap September:

I ran 166 total miles in September, a little less than August (175.2), but I was forced to take a few rest days so I am still really happy with how that turned out, huge leaps from where I was a year ago!

My longest run was 22 miles which you can read about here. It was challenging but such a confidence boost, and despite a rocky end to this month, I still feel prepared for my race.

No races this month- LAME! Don't worry, I will more than make up for it in the next 3 months.

Injury- So I have pretty much avoided this word for the last week or so because if I said it then it was true, but I have gone and pissed off my leg enough that is in full on rebellion mode. Since last week, my left inner calf/shin/ankle has been super tight and painful to run on, and even more painful to the touch. I have tried to back off as much as my competitive brain would allow, I have tried every pair of shoes I own (just in case it was the shoes, it's not) I have tried every different running surface, I ordered compression socks that I have practically lived in for the last week, and nothing has seemed to offer any relief except rest. It was bearable at first, and would only hurt while running or touching, but on Monday it went from pain while running to pain while sitting and doing nothing and a swollen ankle, it was time to bring in the professionals. After my run Tuesday which sucked most because I was slow and struggling not from lack of running ability, but from extreme inside shin pain, I knew I had to back off if I had hopes of hitting some of the race goals I have.

I have not run in 2 days, and have done spin class on top of cross training, mostly because I can't sit still. My leg already feels a little better, and went to see my fav NP this morning who confirmed what I suspected. She is a fellow runner with a similar build and similar training patterns, so I really trust her opinion. She confirmed it is not a stress fracture or all walking would hurt just as bad as running- this is most likely a posterior tendon/ligament strain on top of posterior shin splints.

The inside little orange area that says posterior shin splints is spot on with my pain, and the uber-tight muscle feeling she said is probably a stressed/inflammed tendon and/or ligament, most likely caused from the motion below

That's right, posterior injuries are apparently more common among runners who pronate- me! So there you have it, I can run, but I have to rest even more over the next 3 weeks than I had planned. She also recommended avoiding hills (which apparently aggrevate it more- who knew). I am supposed to ice twice a day (once after I run, and once at night) and stretch a lot lot lot more than I have been- seems easy enough.
I am good to do my race on Saturday, but cannot run until then. I have modified my plans from now until race day to ensure I am getting in a few quality runs, but not overly stressing my leg with unnecesary mileage. I really am glad that this is nothing too serious- it could be a lot worse, especially since I have been ignoring it, and I am optimistic that I will make it to the starting line just as confident in the training I put in and my abilities to finish my race the way I want to.

So September, a big month, but I am ready for the next best thing. Fall has officially set in thanks to a wave of non-stop rain this week. We now have highs of only 80* and a low the last few days of 70*, it makes me jealous not to run outside:( BUT... Saturday for my race the temperature at the start time is projected at 64* and overcast- DAMN, that's lucky, I am SUPER excited, and might actually have to wear a shirt for my race, we'll see!!!!!!

Now onto October, like I said there is a lot to look forward to:

Oct. 2nd- Half Marathon & My Daddy's Birthday!
Oct. 3rd- Jags vs. Colts get together
Oct. 6th- Richar'd Birthday
Oct. 9th- UF/LSU Football + family weekend
Oct. 16th- UF Homecoming
Oct. 23rd- Marathon!!!!!!
Oct. 25th- Granny's Birthday
Oct. 28th- Michele's Birthday
Oct. 29th-31st- Florida/Georgia Debauchery

As you can see I have a jam packed October- it is always the busiest month, made even better and busier by 2 races! I read today that is the most popular marathon month! Anyone else have any big plans for October?

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  1. a new and exciting month ahead for you! way cool. it sounds like you also have a good plan for getting your shin pain under control. i think that you'll still rock your race because you've definitely put in the stellar miles and work :)