Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday

Happy Tuesday y'all! It feels like a Monday since we were all off yesterday for MLK day. Since the 3 day weekend put me majorly behind on blogging, hopefully this does a good job of catching up:

1.  Today is the start of a 4 day week, followed by another 4 day week, and then a whole week off for vacation- go ahead and hate me, I would!

2.  Running- has been going, still fast, feeling good, no ITB/hip pain, and I feel like my stride has changed, has gotten longer, I think maybe that is why I have been running faster without too much effort.

3.  Sunday- 6 Miles super easy- 54:55, average pace 9:09

4.  Monday- scheduled 6 miles tempo (4 miles at hmp ~8:55)
     I felt so good at mile 6 I decided to add more and make it 8 for the day- seriously felt amazing!
     8 miles- 1:10:55, 8:51 average pace  (9:22, 8:57, 8:49, 8:41, 8:34, 9:07, 8:27, 9:13) 5M @hmp

5.  I registered for a 5k this weekend that most of my group is running and my coach really wanted me to run. I am really nervous about said 5k, while I feel more in shape than the lask 5k I did, I also recognize that I don't really like 5ks. They hurt, they whole time, and while they are over fast, that's still a lot of hurting. I hope I can push through the hurt for the ~25 minutes it will take to finish.

6.  I actually did this 5k last year, it is really nice, all through historic downtown St. Augustine and along the water. Last year I started out waaaaay too fast and got super hot since I over-dressed, so I am hoping to really be able to make it an excellent race experience this year.

7.  Looking back at that race recap, I had forgotten that this was the first 5k I aimed to do in under 30 minutes (finished in 28:55) what a difference a year makes. I finished that race with an average 9:18 pace, and I am hoping to do it this year a full minute/mile faster- wow rediculous!

8.  We are planning a little trip to NYC for the first weekend in November...

9.  Not for me, for Penny. Her guaranteed entry for the NYC marathon was accepted and we will all be heading to the big apple this fall to spectate! Yay! I actually think I am more excited to spectate this race that I would be to run it. I almost hope I am not picked in the lottery for this year, I am like beyond excited to be able to watch for once!

10.  More Wedding Wednesday coming tomorrow, I have been busy busy since last week!


  1. Yay! I'm running NYC too! Let me know how long you will be in town for...

  2. lucky you for having it feel like monday...hahah. i really really want to do NYC but i think i'll be half way across the country. boo.

    great job on the tempo! i did one today too.

  3. Isnt it amazing how much difference a year of running makes?? Thats really exciting how much you've improved. And the NY trip? Sounds AMAZING!! :)

  4. Check out my blog today please ;)