Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Vendors Edition

Ok, after much slacking I actually have some fun details to get into about our wedding!!!

Once we decided on a time frame that we liked, it was important to me to nail down our major vendors first, after all, you can't have a wedding without a place, right! The biggest things on my inital list were location and photographer. After all, people remember the party and the only thing that lasts is the photos, so I felt I was resonable in my top priorities.


I have been pretty hush about our venue until now, I do really like keeping lots of things under wraps, but since it will ultimately be printed on the invitations, I figured why not.

When I was looking at venues, I wanted someplace with a wow factor, that had an air of something different, whether it be an original location or the mystic ambiance of the river. There were a few places that stood out in my mind, but after some searching it became clear that one place had the wow factor with all of the other conveniences I wanted as well....

TPC Sawgrass

Our ceremony will be held on the presentation lawn at Sawgrass

With the ceremony following in the clubhouse ballroom

I am very excited about our venue, it is beautiful, accomodating, and has the space we need for our party which was important, and everyone seemed to be in agreement that is was the best of all the places we looked at.


I Love Love Love our photographer! When I was first researching several photographers in the area, there was one that I just loved her style and how her pictures looked. Availability became a big question since our date is pretty popular as I later learned, but luckily she was not booked!

I could tell just by exchanging emails with her that we would get along great, and after meeting with her, I knew that was who I wanted. Most of your wedding day is spent tailed by your photographer, so I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with who we chose and that we would get along well and had the same idea about what we wanted in the end.

We are going to be scheduling our engagement photo session once we are back from our trip, and I am super excited about these pictures. John and I have never had fancy photos taken, not even for our Christmas cards, so I am really excited! A lot of the photographers I looked at weren't including engagement sessions in their packages, which majorly bummed me out, I was really looking forward to having nice photos of us that weren't from the wedding, so that was a big selling point for me!


So here comes the big vendor debate that is still taking place in our household...

Band vs. DJ

While there are obviously benefits to going each way, I still find myself a little torn


While a band adds a certain level of sophistication and customization to it, they are more expensive, have limited playing abilities, and sometimes get a little self-centered as to who this whole thing is really about. That being said, bands can be a lot less pushy and a little more classy and appealing to the older demographic.

When it comes to a DJ they can play just about anything you want and I think bring in more of an entertainment factor for the evening if you pick a good one. DJ's do a great job of getting the party started and keeping it going. While they are less expensive than a band, the appeal more so to the younger demographic and often annoy the older folk, and lets face it, anyone can play music in the order that you tell them to right???

SO....your opinions are needed.

Band vs. DJ??????? And why? Did you have a good experience with one? Is there some other sort of music alternative I should be looking at all together???


  1. Wow, that venue is beautiful! I say DJ...if having a band isn't all that important to you, then I wouldn't waste the money on it. Spend it somewhere else!

    Your package should be there on Friday. I'm sorry I had to opt for the cheaper shipping because I am so broke after Christmas!!

  2. Wow that place looks amazing!!! Good luck with all your planning :)

  3. IMHO, a DJ can play to any crowd and any age. If he is allowed to...
    If only an ipod had a personality...

    BTW, I DO love those places...WOW...Much love to you

  4. I say band. There is nothing like live music. Plus, if you get a good band, they can set up music for in between their sets.
    Check out that website...the guy who owns it sings for Busch Gardens...and his band are all BG peeps as well. I think they even provide lighting. They're not cheap by they're awesome. At the very least, maybe it can give you some ideas :)

  5. OH. MY. GOSH. That venue looks AMAZING. Can I come!?!? ;)
    I am torn with you...I love live music and if the band is a good one it may be the cherry on top of an incredible night. However...I love a good DJ as well. Sometimes nothing says I love you like shakin' it to lady gaga!

  6. Beautiful location.

    I say BAND. Band is classy and great all the way. Nothing says party like great, live music.

  7. The song and the place where you held your wedding ceremony are very charming. I may take your advice.