Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday

Almost halfway through my work week- getting even more excited about my vacation!

This morning was supposed to be a nice 7 mile tempo run, but I needed to head into work extra early today to get some things done, so it because a 4 mile mini progression run:
4 Miles- 35:25, 8:51 average pace (9:16, 8:58, 8:49, 8:22)

If you have witnessed my anal retentiveness in all the other aspects of my life, you can imagine that I apply the same neuroses to my traveling. There are severeal things I do to get myself ready for a trip, even if it is just a quick weekend trip, I have found it makes traveling and coming home much easier:

1. Packing Lists

I am a huge advocate of the packing list!

I use excel and tend to break my list into different categories based on my needs. This trip for exampe has a list for ski stuff, running stuff, regular stuff and things for my carry-on bag to keep me entertained for our 15 hours of traveling. When packing for a race weekend, I always separate my running stuff from everything else to make sure I don't forget anything!

2. To-Do List
As much as I wish packing was my only to-do to get ready for a trip, it is never that simple, so I also keep a running list of all the crap I need to get done before heading out- I am SO obsessive about crossing everything off my list, so it is a great way for me to get things done.

3. Packing Inventory
This may seem slightly redundant, but for something more than just a weekend trip, I usually pack a couple days ahead of time if possible. It saves me the stress of the last minute packing free for all and also keeps me from having to do last minute laundry.
With that being said, I packed most of my things for this trip on Sunday, so I always like to go back through my list the day or 2 before and make sure I didn't forget anything, or if the expected forecast changed then I can make changes. Our ski trip forecast is still going to be freezing cold, oh well, I was really tempted to throw in that bikini ;)

4. Sticky notes

Enough said. For all those last minute things you need to do or grab, I line my front door, bathroom mirror and car with sticky notes so I don't forget those last few things. I actually appreciate this google image sticky because I had forgotten that our rent will be due while we are gone- see, stickys are a life saver!
5. Doggie Arrangements

For the trips when this face cannot accompany us, we have to make plans for her too. I get really upset about leaving the dog for more than a day or 2, I always worry that she is going to feel abandoned, be too cold, hungry, lonely, or feel that she did something wrong- probably because she had a very traumatic experience the first time we left her, so I put a lot of worry into the puppy plan. While it is not always the easiest/cheapest/funnest, we always find an option that works best for Peachie and the circumstances surrounding her and the situation at the time. This will be the first trip where we have had to leave her where I won't be able to call and check in on her all the time since calling from Europe is like $512874 per minute.

6. Clean the house
I don't know about you, but I hate coming home from vacation thinking about everything I need to do to get caught up and then realizing my house is a disaster the minute I walk in the door. I always make it a point to do at least a light cleaning before a trip. This week's cleaning will be a bit more intensive.

7. The Kitchen!!!
A lot of thought goes into preparing my kitchen for a long trip. I have to make sure all the dishes are clean and put away, kind of following the clean your house thing. Most importantly though, I clean the sink and disposal, make sure the fridge and counter are rid of all produce, leftovers, and anything else that can spoil (read: smell) and take the trash out is the last thing I do before we leave. I hate coming home to bad food, or even worse a bad smelling house!

8. Wash the sheets & make the bed
After being away from my bed I so look forward to a good night sleep at home. I sleep better with clean crisp sheets, oh, and I'm neurotic!

9. Laundry
Besides wanting my favorite clothes clean to bring with me, I also don't want a moutain of laundry to tend to immediately upon my return. Also, stinky running clothes left too long make the house smell all sweaty!

10. Have a schedule
I prefer to have a plan for D-day (leaving day) that way I can make sure I have time to get it all done without being stressed about it. So yes, my Leaving day is already planned

-15 mile long run
-stretch, ice bath, shower
-breakfast, finish packing
-get ready

Do you have anything you HAVE to get done before going on vacation??? As you can see I have quite a bit!

Are you an ahead of time packer or do you wing it at the last minute???


  1. I am definitely a ahead of time packer. It gives me peace of mind to get it all done. :D I like how you have a list within a list. It's like inception...but with lists. lol.

  2. i try to be a get-ahead planner but lots of times i end up procrastinating too much. oops. i try and get as much done as possible before the trip in terms of cleaning so i don't have to do it when i get back. i hate having to do stuff when i get back from trips