Thursday, January 20, 2011

Afternoon Running

1 day away from the weekend!!! It has been CRAZY in my little world this week. That may actually be an understatement, it has been so rediculously busy that there have been times when I stop for a second and realize I forgot to eat- that never happens!!!!!

Due to above noted craziness my schedule has been all over the place, and I have taken to running after work every day this week (that will also include today).

Monday-8 Miles
Tuesday - 6 miles easy

What was supposed to be an easy run, went a little crazy. I needed to get all the stress out and running faster is the only way I know how to do that. I made sure I kept my warm-up and cool-down in the easy range and told myself to not force it the rest of the time, I know I would naturally run a little faster that day but as long as I wasn't forcing a certain time I would be fine.
6 miles- 54:32, 9:05 average pace, still pretty easy

Wednesday was actually supposed to be a calm day at work and I was excited for that, but by 10am it was clear it was going to be another rediculous day, and as exhausted as I was from all of this chaos, I knew I would feel better once I got to the track. Since I have a race this weekend, my normal 6-8 mile track day was cut in half, so I had plenty of energy to get out in these short fast miles. On the schedule: 8x200

I have NEVER run anything shorter than a 400, that is about as short as seems useful, and I LOVE 400s! I think they are great, you can go fast and I can usually do 6-8 before I really start to feel it- so I was a little confused about 200s- just an all out sprint??? But even 8 of them will only equal 1 mile, thats like nothing???

I am here to tell you my friends, 200s are a special kind of demon. I thought this workout would be cake, SO short that I couldn't possibly get fatigued from it, and I would be able to soar through all 8- wrong!

Warm-up- 1.25 Miles- 11:13 (8:58 pace)
8x200 with 90 seconds rest in between:
:39 (5:20)
:38 (5:11)
:41 (5:40)
:40 (5:24)
:42 (5:43)
:45 (6:13)
:41 (5:42)
:41 (5:40)
Cool Down- 1.75 Miles- 16:55 (9:40 pace)
Total: 4 Miles- 33:35

So I was anticiapating the 200s taking about 45 seconds each, my coach told me to shoot for 40-45 seconds. I did the first one and was a little surprised, I mean I sprinted, but I didn't feel exhausted until about #6 when I started to lose that kick you have I felt like I was flailing out there. I did manage to stay right on the heels of the fast guys. This was a fun workout, but I was surprise how jello-like my legs felt by the end.
A successful track workout and some confidence going into this weekend's race. I am hoping for a new PR and the weather should be in my favor, so let's hope I can pull some fast miles out on Saturday.

I have an easy run on tap for tonight, so here's hoping I can keep it easy and stay loose going into the weekend. Since my Wednesday was crazy, I have a "Wedding Wednesday" post still coming this week!


  1. i hate when i forget to eat! :)

    nice workout!

  2. i ran the 200 back in high school and it was brutal. so i've vowed never to do them in a workout again. hahah. but great job on them. you rocked 'em

  3. Awesome job! Those distances are foreign to me, too!