Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting 2011 of Right

Happy back to work day to everyone!

I realize many people still have a few more days off, but I am back to my routine as of 4:50am today. As I know many of you may proceed to throw things at me after this comment, I was actually ready to get back to work today!

I really do love my job, and I missed knowing what day it was. After 17 days off (all of which felt like a Saturday) I was starting to feel fuzzy and lazy. I had so much time on my hands that there was no urgency about anything, sooo not me at all. I was beyond ready to get back into a routine, to be able to justify grocery shopping and get back to my normal running/gym routine which had totally fallen apart over my vacation.

I started my morning with a 5 mile bridges run with the group. I was back to the cold weather after several days in the high 70s, but the cold really did help my lazy self not suck it up too bad today

5 Miles- 45:46 (9:11, 9:05, 9:47, 9:30, 9:13)

2011 Goals

So last year I had a ton of time and put a ton of thought into my 2010 goals long before we rung in the new year...I didn't do that this year. Between getting engaged, and tons of traveling I just didn't have time to write it all out as pretty as I had before. However, I have spent plenty of time on these long trips thinking about what I want to do in 2011, and it is a lot more concrete and ambitious than last year, so here it goes:

1. Run 13+ races in 2011
...I ran 13 races in 2010 and I felt it was a good number. I ran a race almost every month, and some month I had 2. It kept me constantly focused on training and helped me stay motivated. I really do love racing and want to make sure I keep my race skills fine tuned.

2. Complete 2 Marathons in 2011
...We already know Marathon #1 of the year is coming up here quick, but I want to step it up from what I did in 2010 and do 2 marathons. I had originally had my eye on several more, but with trips and weddings, etc 2 is about all I can literally squeeze into my calendar this year.

3. PR's
...I want to set new PR's this year. Last year was really a bunch of firsts for me, and several of my PR's are just luck that came off of first races, so this year is all about improving my speed and efficiency as a runner. I have my eyes on a few big goals:
-Sub 4:15 Marathon- I am really greedy for this one, I am pretty confident I can hit it, but you have to respect the distance and so I am not going to get cocky.
- Sub-1:55 and 1:50 half marathons:  My true goal is a 1:50 half, but I also know with everything else that is an end of the year goal time, so for my spring races, I would really like to see a sub-1:55 and shoot for the 1:50 in the fall/winter
-15k PR:  I have never raced a 15k, my unofficial 15k time is 1:26:xx, I want to beat that.
-54:00 minute 10k. According to Mcmillan with my current 5k PR I should be able to hit 54 minutes in a 10k, and that would shave over 2 minutes off of my current PR
-Sub-24:00 5k:  This is probably  my biggest goal of all, I don't know why I am so antsy for a fast 5k, I don't even really love 5ks, but I feel like breaking that 24:00 barrier is big deal, that is a sub-8:00 pace, and that would be a big deal for me!

...Obviously the real message behind these PR goals is that I want to get faster. While I have made some gradual improvements in my speed this year, I feel like the last couple of months my speed hasn't been increasing much, so I really want to focus on running faster, and seeing all my times start with 8:xx rather than 9:xx

4. Half Marathons
...These are without a doubt my favorite distance, they are long enough to require training but short enough that you don't hate yourself somewhere in the middle. I ran 5 Half Marathon's in 2010 and I will run at least 5 in 2011.

5.  RICE/Stretch
...So while I was better about the whole rest, ice, compression, elevation while injured, a lack of RICE/Stretching is what probably led to some injury, so I really want to keep a focus on stretching/foam rolling/icing regularly to help keep injuries away.

6. Cross-Training
...What's that???? I did pretty much no XT at all this year. Some bike rides for fun, spinning when I was injured, but I never cared about it. I plan to cross-train at least once, but ideally twice per week to help supplement my running, and again...avoid injury. Maybe I should have just made one of these numbers "avoid injury" and I could have saved myself a lot of typing:)

7.  Strength train
...With a wedding coming up, and a dress to fit into, I need to kick my butt into high gear to tone myself up a bit, namely the arm areas. But 2x week minimum for the weights, but 3 would be great!

8.  Try something new
...I am not quite sure what this is yet. It could be a new fitness activity like a bike race or triathalon, changing my hair, etc. The point is that I am a very safe and routine person and when I find something I like and that works I just stick with it until it doesn't work. I would like to push the envelope a bit this year, be daring, and try something I wouldn't normally try. I have a few ideas in mind, but I am sure there are a few more to be found.

9. Read more
...In 2009 and early 2010 I was reading at least a book a week. But when school picked up in 2010, my reading fell by the wayside, and then marathon training replaced everything except work, sleep, eat, run. I would really like to give myself a little time each day to read some of the fabulous books that are on my shelf that I have not even touched yet, so all a matter of prioritizing my time. We did cancel our cable, so I am hoping that will promote the reading thing.

So that is pretty much it, my plan for 2011. I am quite confident that this will be the best year yet, I have so much I am already looking forward to and big plans! Hope everyone is starting their new year off with a bang and big plans!


  1. i'm right there working with you this week. ugh. but great goals for the year. yay for getting faster :)

  2. Love all of your goals... especially #8 to try something new! Best of luck in 2011!

  3. Love your goals! AND - yay for 2011 weddings! :)