Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Worth the Wait

Six years ago this girl

set me up on a date with a guy from our work I had been drooling over. This guy...


Over the years we have had a lot of fun, he took me to Europe for the first time

And became my football buddy

My go-to confidant

 And my best friend

He keeps me in check, goodness knows someone needs to

But I know no matter what, he is there for me always

I know he will love and support me with any and everything I do, no matter how rediculous it may be

And even after all these years, I am even more in love with him all the time

So on Christmas Eve we sat on the floor of our apartment lit by our Christmas Tree to exchange presents

and the most amazing man offered me the most amazing ring

and asked me to be his wife


and I said yes!


  1. Happy New Year!!
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  2. OMG OMG OMG!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome!!! So happy for your both!

  3. What a cute post!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!

  4. How exciting!! Your ring is BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. OMG Stephanie!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. So amazing. PS~ That is my dream ring...maybe your fiance can call my bf ;)