Thursday, March 3, 2011

Killer Track workout

So I skipped over yesterday's wedding update, but I will make it up to you by telling you about how cruel my track workout was.

Rewind to Tuesday...John and I went to Gainesville after work for a basketball game and got home very very late that night. While I slept in Wednesday morning, but the time last night rolled around I was dragging.

Originally on the schedule for this week was 6x800, as much as I truly do loathe 800s I felt up for it. Well the plan changed, and we were doing 4x800, 3x400, but alternating. Ok, so I got on board, I really like 400s I thought this would make it easier, right? Wrong!

Warm-up mile- 9:26
800-  3:44
400-  1:44
800-  3:42
400-  1:43
800-  3:40
400-  1:42
800-  3:39
400 (threw in 1 more for good measure)- 1:39
Cool down mile- 9:22

5 miles- 40:21, 8:05 average pace

So the goal for 800s was 3:45 and I had to make the 400s 2 minutes faster than the 800s, so 3:45 and 1:45.
Most of my laps at last weeks 12x400 workout were at or under 1:45, so I figured I was ok.

I got progressively faster with each one which is great, but I felt like death. Normally 400s feel great to me until the last 100m or so, but I felt dead after the 1st 100m, not cool! The 800s I felt good, but by the time I would finish the first lap I was ready to be done and yet had 1 more lap to go.

I can't complain because my times look great, however I felt SO out of shape during this workout. I think that was the design, because you were dragging after the 800s, but I guess it all pays off in the end.

Next week is a race week which means one thing...200s! The last time we did 200s they were tough in a good way and I am excited to try them again!


  1. Nice workout! I know what you mean about the 800s and ready to be done after the first lap, I always have that feeling!! C

  2. Wow! Great job with those intervals!