Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday all! In following a trend that seems to be popular this week in the blog world, I have some confessing to do...

Yesterday's tweet by Runner's World asking for running confessions got me feeling guilty.

1. I do not shower after lunch time workouts.
I do not even feel guilty about this one, especially after seeing that the super hard-core Emily does the same thing. Yes I dry off the sweat, even dry off the edges of my sweat-tastic hair and put on fresh deoderant. But gym showers creep me out, and to waste 10 minutes taking shower #2 of the day seems silly, especially when I can sneak another mile in.

2. I have NOT been getting up in the mornings to all!
The only AM workouts I have gotten in within the last month are my long runs, and the truth...I don't hate it. Yes, it would be nice to have it done, but I have also found that even if I run in the morning, I still go back to the gym after work.

3.  I rarely wash my fruit.
Ok that's a lie, I like never wash fruit unless its visibly dirty. Yeah I get it, I'm gross, but I seem to have a rocking immune system and it hasn't killed me yet.

4. Easter candy is my favorite, and absolute weakness!
Mini Cadburry eggs and sour patch kids shaped like, yes please!

5. Recently my brain has felt like this Cross-Training > Running
Rediculous right?!?!?! I have still been getting plenty of running in, but have been enjoying some shorter distances and the opportunity to get my heart pumping with other things. I have a mild addiction to the spin bike and stair climber at the moment.

6. I am more overwhelmed than excited about doing our wedding registry this weekend. I know it is supposed to be fun, but I haven't found that emotion in it yet.

7.  My name is Stephanie, and I am a dress-a-holic.
Please tell me I am not the only one! I have procured.....5 dresses, just this week alone. Something about the emerging spring weather reminds me that it is almost dress season, I would rather wear a cute and comforable dress than anything else. Yes I have a problem, no I don't intend to seek therapy.

So there you have it, some crazy neurosis... surely I am not the only one out there?!??!?!

Have you ever registered? Fun or tiresome? I am kind of ready to be done with it. Finding enough stuff for our huge guest list to have options + not cluttering up our house took far too much research in my opinion. And I don't even get to shoot the cool gun :(

What is your favorite type of clothes??? Jeans, shorts, dresses?

Do you have anything to confess?


  1. Oh my, I feel so much better about my lunchtime runs now! I tried taking a shower and it adds like 30 minutes to my lunch! So, I just change shoes, put on some deodorant, wipe with baby wipes, and go back to work. It feels gross, and I'm sure my co-workers love it, but otherwise I wouldn't get to run that day!


  2. I love unwashed fruit. yeah yeah its bad. But there is something to be said about fresh tomatoes.