Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday at the track

Wednesday night's track workout was the last for many people and since almost everyone is racing this weekend, we had super short and speedy intervals to get us ready for the weekend.

My workout- 6x200, with 200 recovery, goal was :45, which for those of you who aren't mathematically inclined is a 6:02 pace...umm no pressure.

The last time I did this workout, I did well, but it was still tough. I was excited to try it again, especially since I raced well when I did it before.

A nice long warm-up and we were ready. The weather was nice, cool, low 60s, and the impending monsoon seemed it would hold off until we were done, the wind however was killer- not sure what is up with all the wind lately.

We actually ended up moving to the opposite side of the track to start so that the wind would be at our backs instead of slamming us in the face.

200s looked like this

:39, :44, :44, :44, :42, :41

I have no idea how I did that :39, my watch must be lying because that is a 5:20 pace- no way I did that. But the rest were tough and I felt myself getting used to getting that longer stride and kick that you need to finish strong at the end of a race. I am anxious to see if I can make it look as pretty at the end of my race this weekend.

After practice, we had cupcakes! A sweet ending to a nice short workout!

Now before you get all excited, this is not a normal thing we do. I wish I got cupcakes after all my workouts! Tuesday was our coach's birthday so of course we had to celebrate! These were ice-cream cupcakes, so the bottom was cake, then ice cream, then icing- yum! I had 1/2 a strawberry and vanilla combination one and it was amazing!

We also got our new race shirts in, so adding to the amazing Christmas like feeling of the night, I get cupcakes and presents! It was almost like my birthday, and now I have something new to wear this weekend, always fun!

What is your favorite track/interval distance???

I really love 400s, the are my absolute love, but I could get used to this ideal of the all out 200s!


  1. Wow that cupcakes sound SO GOOD!!!!! yum! Good job on the speed work, fast 200s! I think I prefer 400-600s

  2. i love the 800. i have no idea why because they hurt so bad but i love them anyway.

    yay birthday cupcakes. so well deserved after a tough workout

  3. Aww so much fun! I was reading Kara Goucher's latest blog post and she was talking about a workout she just completed. 10 miles at that 5:20 pace. So crazy.

  4. AWESOME WORKOUT!!! You are so so amazing and so so speedy. I want those cupcakes so bad!! I wish every workout ended with cupcakes!