Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Long Run and running updates

Hello fabulous people, I have missed you!

Yesterday I came into work to discover my computer had fried over the weekend :( I was computer-less for most of the day yesterday and that made blogging not so easy. So on the running front I have lots to discuss:

Friday I did an easy 3 miles, I have not been wanting to take rest days recently, even if it is cross training or a short run, I have been craving workout every.single.day. I won't complain and have just played it smart.

Friday- 3 miles, 27:09, 9:03 average pace

Saturday = long run day
On my schedule was 8 miles, and after talking to my coach this week, we had some discrepancies over what my goal race pace should be, so we decided I would try 6 miles at his goal pace for me ~8:30s
It.Was. Rough.

8 Miles- 1:09:43, 8:44 average pace
Mile 1-  8:33
Mile 2-  8:41
Mile 3-  8:41
Mile 4-  9:07
Mile 5-  8:49
Mile 6-  8:23
Mile 7-  9:05
Mile 8-  8:33

So I hit a few (only 3 miles) in that 8:30 range. I hit what I think should be my goal pace of 8:40 pretty easily, and the bridges killed me and gave me 2 miles over 9:00. This was actually a really great run for me, like amazing overall pace, probably fastest "long run" I have ever had- but I felt like I was racing the entire time. I felt spent at the end, and honestly all day long I was exhausted- over only 8 miles. I think this showed that a sub- 1:20 is possible, but it will be really really tough, and I have not yet decided what I am going to pace myself for. We will see how Saturday starts to shape up with my legs, weather, etc. I really don't want to crash and burn from going out too fast, and especially since there is...

the "Green Monster" the last mile and half of the race. The first .8 miles is the incline, with the last .5 as a steep downhill straight into the finish line- a bad time to burn out.

So after Saturday's long run race :) I took Sunday pretty easy, did some cross-training, took the dog on a long walk, but conserved some energy. To prevent ITB flare-ups, all of those racing this weekend were banned from Monday morning bridges, so I was on my own.

I did an easy 4 mile run, since I am "tapering" for this race. All my runs except track are supposed to be easy this week, but too much easy running bores me, so I decided to try some pace recognition.

At least 1 if not 2 runs each week have included pace miles at my goal pace for Gate, just to get my legs (and lungs) familiar with the pace they should be running.

Mondays run = 4 Miles, 35:45, 8:56 average pace
9:24, 8:41, 8:34, 9:06

I threw in 1 mile at each goal pace, since my race plan is still TBA.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, running and otherwise. I have a wedding post ready to go up tomorrow!


  1. Good luck this weekend!!! So exciting! I wish I could run it again!!! My (blogging & IRL) friend Harold is running it too, y'all should meet up!!! His blog is The Aimless Runner. Anyway, good look on that green monster!!!

  2. Good luck! And nice job on your runs!

  3. gooooooooooooood luck! you are going to rock the race. i think pace recognition is so important in racing so i'm glad to see that you do it too :)

  4. We have missed you too :)
    Thank you for your shoe advice. I really think you are right even though I know many people don't agree with us! I'm going to talk to the people at the store but I think that is what I am going to do!