Friday, December 10, 2010

Consecutive Days

Woohoo for the weekend! I have a ton on my plate for the next 72 hours, but it should be lots of fun:)

I was planning to get up and run yesterday morning like I usually do, but when the alarm went off less than 12 hours after my speedy track workout I could feel how tight adn tired my legs still were, so I decided to do some weights and a little cross-training and give my legs some more time. Since the weather is actually nicer in the afternoons than in the morning it was easy to swap my schedule and run after work- something I haven't done in a while!

This was the first chance I have had in weeks to head out solo and do my own run on my own terms. Well apparently my own terms were quite quick:

5 Miles- 44:15
Mile 1-  9:01
Mile 2-  8:48
Mile 3-  8:59
Mile 4-  8:40
Mile 5-  8:43

So yeah, that was great! Once I saw the first mile split I decided I wanted to try and do this like a tempo- except without the warm-up/cool-down, so just a fast run. While it may be a long shot, I am going to try for a new PR in my half next week, and that will require a sub-9:00 average, so I wanted to see how 5 miles at/near that goal pace would feel. Answer: it wasn't too bad! My lungs burned some, but I mostly blame the cold for that... still only 48* at 5:30PM! But another great run in the books, and the leg is still holding up.

My biggest thing when building back up this week was being able to run consecutive days. I feel like that is one of the most helpful things for me because it gets me used to running on tired legs. My goal was to get back to my pre-marathon schedule of running Monday-Thursday, Saturday, and cross-training Sunday. While I wanted to get in 30 miles this week (and I will) it was more important to be able to run every day with no pain or issues, I can always build the mileage back over time, but I really needed to be able to feel good running for 4 or 5 days in a row- so I think that turned out to be a major success!

I do have a couple runs planned for this weekend, as well as a long bike-ride, starting my Christmas shopping (and hopefully finishing it), a fun date night, and plenty else to keep my busy! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Yay for such an AMAZING solo run. Speedy woman!! I love what you said about how important it is to train your body to be able to run on tired legs!!! I need to get into that again. Success!
    You are going to have an amazing weekend:)

  2. sounds like a great weekend. have fun! and that's definitely a great run there girlie :)

  3. Great job!! You are on your way back to a speedy recovery and you should absolutely have high goals for this race because I think it's totally doable!!

  4. BOOO!! I am jealous of your work schedule...actually I am really happy for you! How's the running going???