Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Last Day

Happy Christmas break day everyone. Today is our last day on campus before our winter break begins, I am so thankful to have time off for the holidays without having to guilty, like at my last job!

I am a super busy girl today trying to get everything wrapped up before heading out this afternoon, so here is a quick running update.

Yesterday I decided to try a double, didn't get in nearly the mileage I had wanted because, get this, I was sore from my massage??? She told me that would probably happen, but I thought massages were supposed to relax the soreness, not cause it...Oh well, I am supposed to take today off, but spent some quality time with the arc trainer.

Yesterday AM run: 3.5 miles, 31:29 or 9:00 pace.
PM Track workout:  4x1000 (supposed to be 5x1000- stupid soreness)
1 Mile warm-up- 9:25
4x1000-  4:56 (7:53p), 5:01 (8:03p), 4:52 (7:47p), 4:44 (7:26p)

With the recoveries and cool down I got in another 4.5 miles to make 8 for the day. I find the 1000 distance awkward, I think because it is not a full lap, you have to add in an extra half a lap, and sometimes I think of it as a long 800 and sometimes I think of it like a short 1200, so my pacing tends to waiver back and forth between 1200 pace or 800 pace. I was supposed to take them relatively easy since we are all racing on Sunday, but once I fell back into my rhythm after the 2nd one, I was good to go. I was supposed to be doing 5x1000 but when I said my hip was sore, my coach made me drop the last one, especially when he found out I already ran that morning :) I was instructed to rest today to make sure I was feeling good going into this weekend, here's hoping it works.

Has a massage ever left you sore or tight the next day? This is a first for me, but I have heard that getting really deep into the muscles can do that.


  1. i am SO SAD that i'm not getting a christmas break this year.

    and yes i am ALWAYS sore the day after a massage. so what i usually do (and keep in mind that the woman who gives me massages doesn't charge me $$ but hours of manual labor) is schedule another one for 2 days after and i'm feeling good after that

  2. I am so happy it is pretty much your christmas break. You are a busy girl. Okay, I love doing 2 a days and sometimes it is the only way to fit in mileage. Great runs. Have an amazing break and don't forget to keep us updated with everything.
    I need a massage! Every time I get one I feel really relaxed...not tight!

  3. Yes! I was sore from my massage too. Enjoy your holiday...

  4. A good massage will leave you pretty sore the next day! Wait one more day though and it will feel like heaven ;)