Thursday, December 2, 2010

4 More Days

Only 4 more days until I can run again...Thank God!!!!!!!!!!

Like seriously I am irritable, feel bored, lost, confused, lazy, boring, annoyed, etc. I can definitely tell there is something missing in my life right now, so I am happy to get back to my running obsessed schedule, oh that and use all of the cute new running gear I practically stole from Dick's during last week's Black Friday Sales!!!

So when I don't run I feel like there isn't much to talk about, but I will regale you with the fun tales of my week. Monday and Tuesday I slaved away on the arc-trainer, the only faux-running machine that doesn't aggrevate my knee (or brain) and it leaves me sweating and gasping for breath, so I guess I can't complain.

Yesterday I went to my favorite Wednesday night 5:30 spin class. I haven't been since long before the marathon since my track workouts are usually Wednesday nights, but since I'm not running, no excuses. Well there was a new instructor teaching 5:30 spin, and I can't think of anything else to say other than that she reminds me of a jack-rabbit!!

Honestly, during class when I was sucking wind and wondering why on earth I subjected myself to this torture, I thought that this instructor and this class is probably exactly what hungryrunnergirl's spin classes are like- super bubbly and super quick, so I just imagined her as the instructor and it made not want to throw my waterbottle anymore ;) At one point she told us she was born in 1976, and that we were going to do 76 - 2 second consecutive jumps, umm yeah, that hurt!

So despite the lack of running I have gotten in some quality workouts since my half last week, and a week off so far, has left my knee/IT band feeling good. I have focused a lot on getting in some strength exercises so that all my weak muscles are no longer weak when I get back to it next week.

All local runners are still safe, I have not taken any further action into my plan to stone the local running groups on their morning jaunts, but now that our winter is officially here, 54/37* today (yes that is winter in the FL) I am starting to get a little resentful again of all the people running in the cool weather, it will probably be back up to 80* by the time I get back out there next week.

Being December 2nd now, I should probably start my Christmas shopping, but I find it difficult to buy presents for the people in my life who go out and buy everything they want, what is left after that???? Any good ideas for brothers, sisters, moms and dads???
All none of the running variety, oh if only my life could be that simple to only have to buy for runners, I would have been done weeks ago!


  1. i have no good ideas for family gifts because i usually just see something random is stores and think YES THAT'S IT. i need to start shopping too. and making cards. i guess that'll be my marathon recovery project hahah

  2. YOU MADE MY DAY!! I am so glad you pictured me teaching ha.....76 jumps though...I don't know if I would do that. Only 4 more days, I am more than extremely excited for you. Isn't it crazy how lost you feel when you aren't able to run. IT IS WHO WE ARE!! I was going to add up how many hours four days is but then my head hurt...either way I can't wait:)

  3. I hear ya with the count down til running! Thanks again for your insight with my injury :) Have a great weekend. Only a few more days!

  4. I approve of your boyfriend, that is awesome that he is such a great supporter of your running! 3 more days wahooooo:) Happy Friday Stephanie.