Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Too Many Priorities

Happy Friday Wednesday! Working in the fabulous education industry has warranted me a nice mid-week holiday tomorrow, and a nice long weekend to look forward to!

Tonight is track night, and my leg is feeling good, so I am hoping I can do something good tonight rather than just flail about like I did last week at the track.

Yesterday I cross-trained...a lot. I could have run, but I have some big runs planned the rest of the week, and a pissed off knee would not have fit into that schedule so I did some spinning, so hand bike action (SO boring btw) and some more spinning, exciting I know. I am a bit nervous to still only be in the 4-5 day a week range with the running and not the 5-6 range, I feel like a February marathon is starting to seem like a long shot right now.

So obviously I have a lot of races scheduled in the coming months, and I would be lying if I said I didn't have specific goals for each of them.
-I am hoping for a half-marathon PR in just 10 short days, and only 7 weeks after setting my last one.
-I also trying to drop 90 seconds off of my 5k PR for seeding purposes for a spring race.
-Lastly, I have a redemption marathon in just 13 weeks that I need to start building back up for, like now!

Even as I type this, I realize how ridiculous this all sounds. I am trying to focus on 3 major goals that are each a daunting task all on their own, and yet I am somehow trying to roll all 3 strategies into 1 condensed training cycle, I might have tried to take on too much. I would rather have 1 or 2 really awesome races with new PR's that 5 or 6 mediocre ones, and I am worried that there is not enough time to really be able to focus on the specific training to achieve each of the goals I have, but I can't bring myself to back off of any of those.

This past fall when I started racing again after a summer of base building and marathon training, I was smashing old PR's left and right, by minutes at a time, and to be honest it was easy. Most of my PR's were from last fall or early spring when I was still considerably slower, my speed had improved enough that a PR was a given, it was just a matter of how much. Unfortunately, I am not in that position anymore. My months of focusing on distance and now recovery I feel like has left me stagnant for the first time since I started running. I think over the last year all I have focused on is increasing my distance, and that is all, the speed just came on it's own. Now that I have reached the maximum distance that at this point I am willing to train for, I am only focused on speed, and I just don't know if I can build the improvements in my speed as quickly as I have been able to improve my ability to run the distance.

I suppose we can call this a post-marathon rut, or possibly being a litte over-whelmed as to how to proceed with all of my goals, or maybe it is injury-paranoia who knows, but I don't seem to have the same focus I did when I was in the thick of marathon training, and to be honest a think a lot of it is because I don't really know what to focus on. Focusing on nothing is certainly not the way to go, but I don't really know where to start. Hopefully starting with today's track workout will provide some guidance.


  1. Good for you to the long run it will be so much better that way. Girl I totally understand that post-marathon rut! Our types of personalities thrive off of goals! Give your body a little break and then maybe re-evaluate! I really think you can accomplish all three of those goals because you are the!! I totally agree with the PR thing compared to lots of mediocre races, we think a lot alike!

  2. Which race are you running this Spring that requires a faster 5K time for seeding? I think you'll be surprised how your speed work from marathon training will help with your 5K PR. Don't sell yourself short! Keep taking care of your body for sure! I think you've got a good half in you in ten days, too! Can't wait to see you!

  3. omg happy friday to you too. it feels so much like a friday. sad because it's not :(

    13 weeks until redemption? wowza. goooood luck and you shall get your redemption

  4. hey, i'm new! found you through the hungry runner girl.

    i too am SUPER goal oriented. its what keeps me running. and every time i sign up for a race i have goals. good luck to you and i can't wait to see/hear how everything goes the next 13 weeks :)

  5. Wait what?? You can't bend your knee!?! I guess swimming!! My knee was like about a month ago but it is feeling so much better! I am not running for a total of three months!! I need more details about what is going on with your knee!!

  6. Just discovered your blog and LOVE how you are training for your first marathon! I plan to do that very soon, you are my motivation!!

    xo Lynzy