Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday: Welcome Back

Happy Tuesday! I am back from vacation and recovering quite slowly.

Our trip was fantastic! 9 days of skiing, no stress, snow, sun, mountains, and crazy videos. We got home last Sunday evening and I had very ambitious plans to hop right back into my routine this week, being a race week after all, I have quite a lot to get to, but a cold that I have been fighting since last Thursday has pretty much kept me down for the count.

I have gotten a lot of our unpacking done, and a few other major to-do's at the top of the list, but it has been a much slower week than expected. I did attempt snow/ice/cold running while on vacation, it went well, mostly because I ran in the middle of the road where there was no snow/ice, but hey, at least I got it done.

Regular running to resume today, but until then, I figured I would show you a nice sneak peak of our trip....


  1. Love the pictures! Glad you had a blast...Feel better!

  2. omg awesome pics. although after trying my hand at skiing i can say i'm not all that jealous ;)

  3. Very pretty! I'd like to think those are some of my own Utah mountains. But, they could very well be somewhere else. :) Where did you go on vacation?

  4. Wow! Looking at all this snow while I'm under a 100F sun makes it kinda funny lol. You look like you've had an amazing time! :)