Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Great Gym Debate

Was everyone's Valentine's Day fabulous? Mine was!

John and I both had the same idea in mind: cook dinner, eat dessert and watch Watson premiere on Jeopardy. Yes, I know I am 100, but I have seen the commercials advertising the computer(Watson) that IBM built that was going to face off against the winningest people ever on Jeopardy- I wanted to see what this computer could do.

It was pretty cool, but there are 2 more nights of it still to go, and figure out how I can steal this thing to bring home and have it unload my dishwasher, fold my laundry, and pick out my clothes every day:)

On the running front: Schedule 5 mile tempo (3 @8:40)

After 20 minutes on the bike and weights yesterday, I figured I would be good to go today. I went and ran 1 mile this morning, my knee still hurt, so I stopped and did even more joyous cross-training- bike, stair climber, and arc trainer. I am not thrilled about the knee still hurting, but on a side note, that stair climber kicked my butt today- like for serious. And I tried to get on the eliptical for the first time in several years, and felt so awkward and uncomfortable after a minute of pedalling that I had to leave- makes me wonder if I was doing it wrong...

I actually have been enjoying my cross-training recently and will be adding a lot more of it in as the summer nears and my mileage backs off in favor of getting faster. Which brings me to the debate of the day....

I have been considering switching gyms for a while now, and I haven't because there are honestly pros and cons to each, and as many lists as I make I can't decide which is the best choice at this point, it's a matter of what is most important, but you know that is very subjective to me depending on where I am in a training cycle, weather, etc, so I am going to put the question to you- which you think is the best choice:

Some Background
-Both gyms are the same cost, so no change there
-Neither has a contract obligation so I could actually switch back and forth easily
-I have belonged to Bailey's since John and I moved into our apartment in August 2008 and have never had 1 negative thing to say about it, I actually really like it
-I am wanting to add swimming as cross-training and my gym does not have a pool :(

-literally 1/2 mile from my front door- I can walk there (weather permitting) and it takes me no time to get there in the morning- big plus
-They have a very vast weight selection (machines, cables, and free weights)
-24 hour access--> this was a God-send when I needed to start long runs at 4am alone, I could run on the TM until it was safe to be outside

-There is no pool :(
-Cardio equipment other than elipticals and treadmills are scarce. There are no row machines, very few stair climbers and arc trainers, and the bikes are fewer.
-Only exists in Jacksonville area- no gym access when traveling

-Nicer/Newer Cardio equipment
-more cardio equipment (including row machine, Jacobs ladder, and 3 types of stair climbers)
-more class varity and time options
-All cardio equipment has individual tv with full cable
-Digital "Key" plug-in for every machine (weight&cardio) to track all stats from your workout that you can upload to your computer at home or at the gym.
-Other YMCA's I can use locally or elsewhere when traveling

-10 mintue drive from my house :( I have been spoiled
-Hours: Mon-Thurs 5am-10p, Fri 5a-9p, Sat & Sun 7am-6p

So there you have it. Which is more important...a pool or 5am access on Saturday and Sunday??????? Although I usually do my long runs and long bike rides on Saturday and Sunday anways. But would I be less likely to go if it is that much further away?

Do you live super close to your gym or do you have to drive?


  1. That is a tough decision. I guess it really comes down to what you REALLY want to do with your workout. I live about 2 blocks away from my gym. It's heaven!

  2. I would go with the one that's closer personally. Unless you really want to swim, then by all means pick YMCA! Swimming is great cross training exercise and it probalby won't aggravate your knees! I live about half a mile or less from my gym and it is awesome especially when I work out in the morning!